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Month: July 2021

  • The PTE Newsletter – Tuesday 20 July

    This is the final newsletter of the term. And what a term it has been! There have been many stories recently about the “pingdemic” afflicting wider society, but this is…

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  • That Was The Year That Was

    Well. It really has been quite the year for everyone, including the young people, parents, and teachers at or involved with schools. Right from the go last September things were…

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  • The PTE Newsletter – Friday 16 July

    It’s Friday again – and so another tranche of schools start their well-earned summer break today. If that’s your school – we hope you have a brilliant day, and enjoy…

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  • “Running The Room” – Tom Bennett

    Tom Bennett wears a number of “hats” in today’s education scene. He is co-founder of, and helps to run, researchED, a grass-roots organisation that organises conferences, events, and publications to…

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  • The PTE Newsletter – Tuesday 13 July

    Well… football wasn’t coming home after all. But even the Italian goalkeeper can’t stop the summer holidays from arriving very soon for everyone. Between now and then though, there’ll no…

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  • Warm/Strict – Exclusions keep schools inclusive

    At PTE we believe Warm/Strict approaches are key to a great school culture and the best way to get the most out of, and for, pupils. If we get the…

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  • The PTE Newsletter – Friday 9 July

    Some schools are finishing for the summer today. If you’re at one of those – well done for getting through one of the weirdest & toughest years imaginable. For those with…

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  • “Cleverlands” – Lucy Crehan

    Lots of commentary about schools in the UK is about comparisons with other countries’ educations systems. All-too-often, we’re told how poorly we are doing versus the “best” and that we…

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  • The PTE Newsletter – Tuesday 6 July

    It’s been another few days with the education news dominated, understandably, by Covid-related stories. With some parts of England breaking up for the summer this week, we’re all hoping that…

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