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Month: November 2016

  • A Centralised Detention System

    No teacher, no matter how inspiring or well-versed, can get their students to reach their maximum potential if a classroom is consistently disrupted by poor behaviour. This isn’t necessarily referring…

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  • The Grand Tour: The Theatre
    The Grand Tour: Political Philosophy

    Martin Robinson is a leading educationalist and author, having most recently published Trivium 21c in 2013 and Trivium in Practice in 2016. Prior to this he spent twenty years in various…

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  • The Knowledge-Based Bookshelf

    Parents and Teachers for Excellence are campaigning for more schools to adopt a ‘knowledge-based approach to learning’. But what does this really mean? Well, a number of recently published books…

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  • The Question of Knowledge
    Five Crucial US Presidential Elections

    The current US Presidential election will come to a head in the next few days – and it has without doubt been one of the most controversial campaigns in US…

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