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Month: April 2019

  • Great Yarmouth Charter Academy
    Return to Charter

    When I visited Great Yarmouth Charter Academy last spring, I was blown away not just by what I saw myself, but also by the testimonials of staff and students who…

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  • Parents and Teachers for Excellence
    Open Letter Regarding SATs

    Assessment is a vital part of the school system, and it is right its implementation is debated. However, Labour’s pledge to scrap SATs without any idea of a replacement could…

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  • A Response to The Guardian on Exclusions

    Our Campaign Manager Mike has written this blog… The Guardian have published an editorial this week on exclusions in schools. Disappointingly, it makes the same mistakes as many others in…

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  • Why The Multiplication Tables Check Matters

    Cassie Young is Head of School at Brenzett CofE Primary School. You can find her on Twitter @ModernCassie. When was the last time you used some basic numeracy? Was it…

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