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What we Believe

Every school child should have an excellent education and great prospects - regardless of their background. Excellence is best achieved by putting teachers and parents in charge of schools and ensuring that teaching and testing in our state schools stretch children as much as the country's very best schools. Children have just one chance for a great education - it is the responsibility of adults to deliver it.

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  • Parents and Teachers for Excellence
    Writing with Style

    Learning to write well is integral to a good education and invaluable in the workplace. Parents and Teachers for Excellence have collated a collection on best practice in teaching writing.…

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  • Parents and Teachers for Excellence
    A Bigger Bang for Bucks

    With a new Government, more money promised, and an impending Spending Review, we asked some sector experts what the new Education Secretary could do. This pamphlet is a collation of…

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  • The Question of Behaviour

    Everyone wants school to be a safe and happy place to work and learn. However, simply having high ambitions isn’t enough. One must carefully design the rituals, routines, and practices…

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