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Year: 2016

  • Some Interesting Notes from the Pisa Results

    Now the dust has settled on The OECD’s massive Pisa report, it is worth looking at some of the interesting issues that you may have missed. The report – released…

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  • A Centralised Detention System

    No teacher, no matter how inspiring or well-versed, can get their students to reach their maximum potential if a classroom is consistently disrupted by poor behaviour. This isn’t necessarily referring…

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  • The Grand Tour: The Theatre
    The Grand Tour: Political Philosophy

    Martin Robinson is a leading educationalist and author, having most recently published Trivium 21c in 2013 and Trivium in Practice in 2016. Prior to this he spent twenty years in various…

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  • The Knowledge-Based Bookshelf

    Parents and Teachers for Excellence are campaigning for more schools to adopt a ‘knowledge-based approach to learning’. But what does this really mean? Well, a number of recently published books…

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  • The Question of Knowledge
    Five Crucial US Presidential Elections

    The current US Presidential election will come to a head in the next few days – and it has without doubt been one of the most controversial campaigns in US…

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  • What Should Schools Teach?
    What Are You Missing In History Class?

    We hear the phrase, ‘Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it’, so often that the notion has lost much of its impact. When considering the…

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  • Why we need a knowledge-based curriculum
    Assessment and Tests

    Assessment and tests Since we published our general note on assessment, there have been a number of responses, published and unpublished, supportive and critical. This blog both aims to explain…

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  • Why pupils benefit from assessment
    Some Great ‘Lesser-Known’ Activities For Families

    Choosing a ‘day out’ activity can often be difficult for parents, particularly when you want to combine a fun adventure with a sense of learning for your child. With this…

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  • Why schools need effective behaviour policies
    Great Educational Apps for Young Children

    Anyone with young children and a tablet will know how much the kids enjoy playing with technology, and how quickly they get used to using it. Parents rightfully worry about…

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