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We work on a variety of different projects at any one time, covering different aspects of school life and a child’s education. Here, you can see what we’re up to, as well as some of what we want to look at in the future.

  • Stop School Shaming

    We all know the kinds of stories this refers to – where a disgruntled pupil and/or their parent has gone to the media about something a school has done that…

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  • Phone-Free Schools

    There’s no doubting the benefits that smartphones have brought to their owners. That said, we know that schools function best with as few distractions as possible – and it’s hard…

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  • The Wonder Years
    The Wonder Years

    The Wonder Years was a curriculum conference that was held in central London on Saturday 26th January 2019, with the aim of helping attendees to discuss what a knowledge-based curriculum…

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  • Should Smartphones be in Schools?
    Should Smartphones be in Schools?

    The issue of smartphones in schools is increasingly coming to a head. Politicians, education professionals and researchers have all weighed in in recent times with their views over whether smartphones…

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  • Why schools need effective behaviour policies
    Is ’Good’ Behaviour Good Enough?

    The vast majority of schools in England today are judged by Ofsted as having ‘good’ behaviour, and yet we also know that student behaviour is one of the most commonly…

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  • Parents and Teachers for Excellence
    A Brief History of the Knowledge Curriculum in England

    This project will seek to chart the history of ‘the knowledge curriculum movement’ in England, studying both the academics that formed the core ideas and the people on the ground…

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  • Music for All in Every School
    Music for All in Every School

    Music can change people’s lives. It doesn’t have to become a career, or even a long-term hobby; just being exposed to it, and having the opportunity to play it, can…

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  • Turning Up

    Late last year, I was asked to go on the radio to discuss a school attendance campaign run by East Sussex County Council. It had, shall we say, ruffled quite…

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