Some Great ‘Lesser-Known’ Activities For Families

Choosing a ‘day out’ activity can often be difficult for parents, particularly when you want to combine a fun adventure with a sense of learning for your child. With this in mind, below are some of the best ‘lesser-known’ attractions for parents to visit that combine a sense of fun and learning.

100th Bomb Group Memorial Museum (Norfolk) – Free entry

In World War Two many parts of Norfolk became ‘Fields of Little America’ which helped the US launch their offensive against the Axis; today, this museum provides a wonderful glimpse into this incredible period of world history.

Bird World (Surrey) – £15.95 for adults, £13.95 for children aged 7-15, £11.95 for children aged 3-6, free for children under 3

An expansive park which houses over 2000 animals (not all birds!), and has a variety of activities for children of all ages to help them learn about wildlife.

Bletchley Park (Buckinghamshire) – £16 for adults, £9 for children aged 12-17, free for children under 12

The famous codebreaking facility was brought back into popular culture by Robert Harris’ Enigma and then exploded in popularity with the release of The Imitation Game; however, few people visit the real thing, which is a fascinating insight into the brilliant work that went on there.

Carisbrooke Castle (Isle of Wight) – £9.70 for adults, £5.80 for children aged 5-15, free for children under 5

This castle is most famous for imprisoning Charles I in the months leading up to his fateful trial, but the history of the area goes back to Roman times.

The D. H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum (Nottinghamshire) – £6.90 for adults, £3.50 for children aged 5-15, free for children under 5

This exhibition gives a valuable insight into the mind of one of Britain’s greatest wordsmiths, looking at his childhood and holding several personal items and a collection of his original watercolours.

Hereford Cathedral (Herefordshire) – £6 for adults and children

This already-impressive cathedral stands out for two reasons – The Mappi Mundi, a 13th Century map of the world, and the Chained Library, a book collection of medieval manuscripts which was chained for security measures over 400 years ago.

The Maritime Museum (Merseyside) – Free entry

A charming museum that takes visitors through the history of Liverpool as a port town and the city’s role in the story of the Titanic.

Poldark Mine (Cornwall) – £5.90 for adults, £4.80 for children under 16, but the tour can cost up to £20 per person

A mine that has a history stretching back up to 4000 years, this fantastic attraction was also used in the recent BBC series with the same name.

Segedunum (Tyne & Wear) – £5.95 for adults, free for children under 16

Segedunum is the most thoroughly excavated Roman fort along Hadrian’s Wall, and provides a great deal of activities for children to learn about one of the most eye-catching periods of British history.

The Thackray Medical Museum (Yorkshire) – £8 for adults, £5 for children aged 5-16, free for children under 5

Originally built in 1861 as a Leeds workhouse, this building later became a hospital before being declared unfit for medical practice in the 1990s; a fascinating look into British medicine and policy in the modern era.