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PTE Newsletter

  • The PTE Newsletter – Friday 25 June

    Well that’s another week of school nearly done, and hopefully a restful weekend awaits people later. It’s Education Secretary Gavin Williamson’s birthday today – we hope he has good one…

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  • The PTE Newsletter – Tuesday 22 June

    With teacher-assessed grades submitted and temperatures more reasonable, hopefully this week will see things more manageable than before. While those with out-of-date takes on school life might imagine that this…

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  • The PTE Newsletter – Friday 18 June

    The smallest unit known to mankind is the difference between a classroom’s temperature being too cold for pupils, and it being too hot. It’s fair to say that the heat…

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  • The PTE Newsletter – Tuesday 15 June

    We learned yesterday evening that Freedom Day and the lifting of the final COVID restrictions has been postponed until July 19th at the earliest. This means that many traditional end-of-year events,…

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  • The PTE Newsletter – Friday 11 June

    Well done on making it through to Friday. The first week back after a break is always especially tiring, and with the weather having now switched from miserable to hot,…

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  • The PTE Newsletter – Tuesday 8 June

    After what seemed like the longest half term ever, we hope you all had a restful time last week and were able to make the most of the better weather.…

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  • The PTE Newletter – Friday 28 May

    The time since Easter has been pretty hard going for everyone, especially school staff. Whether it’s preparing for teacher-assessed grades or primary-secondary transition, mass COVID testing or dealing with pupil…

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  • The PTE Newsletter – Tuesday 25 May

    It’s nearly the half term break, and most of the school news and comment pieces since last week are COVID-related. However, it’s notable that they now tend to be forward-looking…

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  • The PTE Newsletter – Friday 21 May

    Well, that’s another week supporting children nearly done, and another week closer to half term. There is still lots of school-related news, but not so much of it making the…

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