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Music for All in Every School

Music can change people’s lives. It doesn’t have to become a career, or even a long-term hobby; just being exposed to it, and having the opportunity to play it, can have a huge impact on a pupil’s development. Countless teachers and leaders will be able to attest to the transforming power it has, particularly for pupils who are unlikely to have had the opportunity to experience it at home.

The arts, including music, should be at the centre of every school’s offering. A rich musical education is something that every child deserves, and artistic experiences are a key part of the communal knowledge that we believe is every child’s birthright.

Working with experts in music education, this project will highlight the ways that a really wonderful musical education is already being delivered by schools, at no- or low-cost, and within timetable constraints, and then describe practical ways that similar things can be adopted by other schools.

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