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Is ’Good’ Behaviour Good Enough?

The vast majority of schools in England today are judged by Ofsted as having ‘good’ behaviour, and yet we also know that student behaviour is one of the most commonly cited reasons given by staff for leaving a school or the profession. “Good” behaviour in one school can feel and be very, very, different to that in another. And while we know that behaviour is generally thought to have got better in our schools in recent years, we believe that things can be even better still. Why settle for anything less than harmonious relationships all-round & hard-working students?

So, inspired by places such as Dixons TrinityKing Solomon AcademyReach Academy Feltham, and the Tauheedul Boys & Girls schools, we are going to analyse exactly what it is that great schools are already doing to create the most inspiring cultures for learning, and create a toolkit that others can use to adapt and adopt these approaches for their own schools.

We’ll need lots of people’s help with this project, as we’re convinced that the means by which every child and teacher can work in a school that has a phenomenal culture for learning lies not with Ofsted or the Department for Education, but the people who work with children every day. We’ll be asking for inputs from people in the near future.

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