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Phone-Free Schools

We love our mobiles, but think that schools are better off when they are phone-free for students. To recognise schools who have taken this step, we have created a "Phone-Free School" scheme - sign up your school below!

There’s no doubting the benefits that smartphones have brought to their owners. That said, we know that schools function best with as few distractions as possible – and it’s hard to argue that smartphones don’t distract children from getting the most out of their learning and socialising during the school day.

It is with this in mind that we’ve launched our “Phone-Free School” scheme. 

The PTE “Phone-Free School” status can be obtained by schools confirming two simple things:

  • For Year 11 students or below, ensure that mobile phones are not used, seen, or heard at any point anywhere on the school site, and
  • Breaches of this rule, without expressed permission in exceptional circumstances, are sanctioned in line with the school’s usual disciplinary procedures.

And that’s it! Sign up using the form below, we’ll register you on the scheme, and send you our snazzy “phone-free school” logo to use as you wish in your school.

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