Should Smartphones be in Schools?

The debate over whether smartphones should be allowed in schools has flared up in recent times, with a variety of viewpoints being expressed.

We want to see what parents and teachers from across the country think about the issue. We've created a two minute survey, and would love it if you could give us your thoughts.


Parents and Teachers For Excellence

Parents and Teachers for Excellence is a new movement to promote reforms within the education system and to spread good practice to help deliver excellence in schools across the country.

Supported by parent activists and some of the most respected people working in education, we believe in autonomy for schools, the knowledge based curriculum, rigorous assessment, cultural enrichment and effective behaviour policies. These are already characteristics of some of the top performing schools in the country.


Parents & Teachers for Excellence

Every school child should have an excellent education and great prospects - regardless of their background. Excellence is best achieved by putting teachers and parents in charge of schools and ensuring that teaching and testing in our state schools stretch children as much as the country's very best schools. Children have just one chance for a great education - it is the responsibility of adults to deliver it.