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Our supporters are made up of like-minded individuals who believe in our ideas for what makes a great school. Sign up for free below, and become part of a growing movement in education.

Why join us?

There are several reasons for joining us and becoming a part of our movement:

  1. By giving us your support you will be helping to create a movement for real change – we are only as strong as the people that support us, and every person that signs up is another who can help us improve education for pupils across the country.
  2. Registered supporters will receive a roundup of the latest schools news twice a week, meaning they are fully up to date with all of the education news in England. We also send out less frequent updates on our work and the work of our advisory council.
  3. PTE members will be the first to hear about any PTE events, and will therefore have the opportunity to secure their attendance before anyone else.

Please sign up on the form below; there is no cost to doing so, and it should only take a moment to fill out. We are also very interested in your own experiences of the education system and your local school. Please send us any stories of excellence you know about or stories where real improvement is required. We will keep these confidential.

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