How often do you hear the phrase "Schools should teach..." in the media?

We've noticed that barely a week goes by without a well-meaning person or organisation insisting that something else is added to the curriculum, often without any consideration as to how it could be fitted into an already-squeezed school day. Obviously the curriculum needs to be updated and improved upon over time, and some of the topics proposed are incredibly important. However, there are only so many hours in the school week, and we believe that teachers and schools are the ones best placed to decide what their students need to know, and not have loads of additional things forced on them by government because of lobbying by others.

With all this in mind, we've decided to keep track of any such calls. Below is a list of articles we've found since the start of 2018 where people or organisations have suggested schools should teach or do something new. (If we've missed any, do let us know.)

So far this year we count 22 suggestions for what schools should do with pupils:

Why We Should Teach School Aged Children About Baby Loss 03/01/2018
Make schools colder to improve learning 03/01/2018
Schools 'should help children with social media risk' 04/01/2018
Pupils should stand or squat at their desks, celebrity GP says 07/01/2018
MP’s call for national anthem teaching in schools to unite country 16/01/2018
It’s up to us: heads and teachers must model principled, appropriate and ethical online behaviour 18/01/2018
Primary school children need to learn about intellectual property, Government agency says 20/01/2018
Call for more sarcasm at school is no joke 20/01/2018
Schools should teach more 'nuanced' view of feminism, Girls' School Association president says 21/01/2018
Schools 'should teach children about the dangers of online sexual content' 22/01/2018
Schools should teach children resilience to help them in the workplace, new Education Secretary says 22/01/2018
Government launches pack to teach pupils 'importance of the Commonwealth' 24/01/2018
Schools must not become like prisons in fight against knife crime, headteacher warns 30/01/2018
Schools should teach all pupils first aid, MPs say 07/02/2018
Call for agriculture GCSE to be introduced as UK prepares to leave the EU 08/02/2018
Councils call for compulsory mental health counselling in all secondary schools 08/02/2018
Advisers should teach finance to the young 09/02/2018
Set aside 15 minutes of dedicated reading time, secondary schools told 22/02/2018
Pupils must be taught about architecture, says Gokay Deveci 26/02/2018
A serious education on the consequences of obesity is needed for our most overweight generation 26/02/2018
Teach girls how to get pregnant, say doctors 02/03/2018
Start teaching children the real facts of life 05/03/2018

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