The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years

This project was inspired by a great comment the great Clare Sealy made at our inaugural conference. She said that if we accept that Reception and Key Stage 1 is about teaching pupils “to write and not bite”, and that Year 10 onwards is inevitably driven by exam specs, why can’t the time in between be “The Wonder Years”?

She described a glorious period where children are taught a curriculum jam-packed full of the very best that has been thought, said, and done, so that they enter the latter part of their schools with a broad, deep and rich base of cultural & communal knowledge, to draw upon in later life and, yes, exams.

And so with this in mind, The Wonder Years project will look at the what and how of such a curriculum: what it might cover, how a school could organise its delivery, including resourcing, scheduling, staffing & training. We want it to give practical assistance to schools that want to make the leap to a richer, more rigorous curriculum, as well as provide them with a series of existing examples in similar contexts where this has already happened.

We’re delighted that Clare Sealy and Stuart Lock have agreed to lead this for us – and we’ll be announcing more details on how others can contribute to this very soon.

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