PTE Update

It is no surprise that during an election education becomes a battlefield where the political parties vie to win over the electorate with radical promises. Yet even if you have little faith in the figures proposed this moment feels unique. In the coming years we will see the first major increase in funds for some time and depending on the result we could see radical changes for schools. Given the opportunities and potential dangers ahead we think that it is the perfect time to take a step back and consider what direction UK education should go in and why.

At Parents and Teachers for Excellence we have had no shame in nailing our colours to the mast. Over the past few years we have argued for the issues we believe in such as a knowledge rich curriculum, free schools, assessment and a warm but strict approach to behaviour. Importantly our campaigning has been anti-dogmatic, we have investigated empirically what practice works best to help children from all backgrounds succeed. Over the next few months we plan to examine our core set of beliefs in more detail.

This means we will be focusing on publishing regular articles on our website. PTE will continue to cover the issues we have campaigned for. On top of this we will be exploring the educational values we hold paramount and asking how they influence practice. We will investigate these foundational questions through a series on past and present great education thinkers, some of whom will be more familiar than others. This will allow us to critically examine a wide variety of views and take valuable lessons from each.

We will also make use of our extensive network to keep up to date on current education issues. There will be regular guest blogs from our supporters and others within education on key topics such as behaviour, exclusions, different takes on curriculum and pedagogy.

The benefit of this approach is that when we return in 2020 to campaigning on specific issues we will be doing so from a stronger platform, informed by evidence and theory.