We are working for excellence in the education system. By joining us, you can help to persuade everyone from the Government all the way down to local schools to follow a model that will deliver excellence. We need as many parents and teachers as possible to support our ideals if we are going to improve education for all children.

There are too many voices in the education debate that seek primarily to promote an ideological, highly political view of the education system. Too many people put politics first and the interests of children second. We want to make sure that children come first and that means giving a greater voice for those people that care for their wellbeing most of all - parents and teachers.

By giving us your support you will be helping to create a movement for real change.

Please sign up on the form below. We are also very interested in your own experiences of the education system and your local school. Please send us any stories of excellence you know about or stories where real improvement is required. We will keep these confidential.